• "Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end".

    — Colin Wright

    Welcome to my blog-o-shere. Where my opinions reign supreme, my judgement is forthcoming, my rants are endless, and the smell of fervent procrastination hangs sweetly in the air. Im a design student, but I also talk about alot of other 'stuff'. Stay a while, make a cuppa. Enjoy Design Fits.


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Well…. Its been a while (FOR SALE)

Ive been vacant for quite some time in the process of soul searching, and this is where I am at. I’ll go into more detail as more time passes but for now…… FOR SALE 1 metre timber & plastic T Square – For manual drafting $20 White model making card x 2 (A1 & slightly … Continue reading

Personal Space

“There is a world of difference between a sculptural chair and one designed to be sat in. Sculptural accessories need only be functional in the most abstract sense of similarity to the object being depicted. The visitor to the museum exhibition of crafted teacups quickly realises that no one would use them as teacups, especially … Continue reading

What Ive been working on #3

20th Century Design History was a subject I really enjoyed over Summer School. It was my first dedicated history unit, and Im not sure whether this was because it allowed me to roll out my penchant for literary debate (the subject was delivered online) or because we got to explore some topics close to my … Continue reading


Sometimes someone incredibly clever and talented comes along and presents an idea that is so amazing you almost want to hack into their brain, do away with their body, and claim the idea as your own. Ok, so thats a little on the morbid side…. Ikea is a blight on the world of design. On … Continue reading

Beached As

The humble beach shack will never be the same again, as the prized coastal land from here to beyond the black stump is whittled away. As a child, my family and I used to travel 2 hours north of Perth, to a meagre beach shack sited high in the dunes. Fibro walls, a flat tin … Continue reading

|School Sucks| all my time

Follow my blog with bloglovin Not really. Ive never been this enthusiastic about learning ever. Its the doing of work thats getting to me… wearing me down. Its a whole ‘nother story. Requiring time that I dont have. Dammit Ive been so busy, as busy as when I was juggling a 60 hour a week … Continue reading

Designing New York

InteriorDesign(dot)net was recently added to my list of favourite websites, and the reason is Interior Design TV… a virtual tour of some amazing projects & products. This particular project blows my mind, firstly from the sheer size of it (huge!), but also because of the quirky and wonderfully creative ideas from Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design. … Continue reading

Not in a Pink Fit

What do I think of Pantone’s 2011 ‘Colour of the Year’? Well I’ll start by saying that I have a personal mistrust for pink. Little girls with kittens and bows… ugh. Horribly clichéd. Im struggling now in fact, to recall a single garment that I own, that is pink. Ahem, I mean ‘Honeysuckle’. I don’t … Continue reading

How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck?

baahaha shitty title right? Ah well. There has always been timber in my parents house. Solid timber dining tables, coffee tables, australian timber bookshelves, hardwood timber floors, custom designed tv cabinetry, and a 4.5tonne timber sideboard (ok, maybe not THAT heavy). I think Mum has always been fascinated by timber, the solidarity, the exposed natural … Continue reading

From Op Shop to Opulent

I love design awards for lots of reasons, but here are just a few; 1) I am reminded of the amazing creatives that Victoria fosters (yes yes I know, other states have them too – but I happen to live in Vic!) and the plethora of successful design agencies, freelancers, production agencies, and multidisciplinary firms. … Continue reading

Calling Creatives – Designs Wanted

I love Avant Card. Every time I walk into Piccolo Espresso on High Street for my mid morning ‘fix’, I scope the rack for any new and interesting designs. The design comes first, the message comes later, if I care to read the back. I usually walk out with at least one, slipped into my … Continue reading

Be Cool. Stay In School

Shit. 11pm. And I have class tomorrow. I dont reaaaally know what Im complaining about, given that I have class from 9.30 till 12.30 and then have the rest of the day off…. But I was rather enjoying holidays. Down time with Mr J. And no stress given that Ive quit my job at the … Continue reading

My Find vs. His

We schlepped across the city today, in search of the perfect sunglasses for Mr J. He’s found them at Sunglasses Hut… and for the price he paid (even with a hefty gift voucher) if he doesnt take care of them, I’ll pretty much throttle him. Much to my pleasure, Mr J isnt a labels man. … Continue reading

Lets Get Take Out!

If my student-eque bank balance could afford this cabinet, id be all over it like a questionable rash! What a brilliant idea. Can you imagine the ‘occupations’ you could assign to each case that would be whipped out whenever needed… and then stored again with ease? ~ Picnic utensils for romantic country-side dates ~ Camping … Continue reading

WANT. Simple

 Geneva Ipod Station S     Gense Appetise Salad Set         Treeling Jewellery Tree      Essey  Waste Paper Basket    ……..Yeah ok so maybe its a little late for a Christmas wish-list  😉 x    

Im not mad. Just disappointed.

Im not mad. Just disappointed. How one stumbles across such things I’ll never know…. I like to consider myself the Feminist ADD. For the most part I am a champion of independence, career/income/gender equality, gender rationality and don’t-take-me-on attitude. But Im easily distracted. I like to be cared for by a male counterpart, I love … Continue reading

Blog Love – 6000 Times; Perth Retrospective

Every now and then I encounter a blog that I adore. And when I say adore I mean silently trawling, clicking feverishly, religiously scanning, whittling away the hours…. spending my last few weeks at the firm looking for creatives in the vast web of…. Ah I digress. Im not entirely sure what appeals to me … Continue reading

Wanted: Long Lunches & Sleep Ins – Enquire Within

In my new apartment, we sacrificed a large bedroom for a kick-ass Chapel St location. Consequently we had to economise when it came to organising more clothes than David Jones. Aside from a lot of op shop donations and a quickly filling rubbish bin for dilapidated shoes, we invested in several under-bed rollaways to fill … Continue reading

A melting pot of crazies (AGDA)

The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) presented their National Awards on October 16 in such design categories as; Design Effectiveness, Identity, Stationery, Publications, Books, Digital Media, Packaging, Posters, Editorial,  Illustration, Photography, Art Direction, Typography… and the list goes on. What I gain from such lists is inspiration that charts off the Richter Scale! So much … Continue reading

Gypsy Life

I wonder what its like to be a uni bum. Im far from a uni bum… I have two income streams plus a supportive partner. But on days like today I like to pretend. Ive got on my woolly tights, my denim skirt, and my hightop kicks. Im not wearing much makeup, and I have … Continue reading

Booming Perth ….Studley Professors

This was so funny, that I had to post a follow-up to my population/planning entry, Booming Perth.   While reading an article from The Fifth Estate today, I coincidentally stumbled across a photo of the Professor I mentioned.   And I tell you what, he doesn’t look like your typical Professor of Landscape Architecture……….   I Laughed Out … Continue reading

Booming Perth?

With the recent pre-election debate on population growth in Australian cities, and the questionable tactic of curbing immigration for a ‘small’ Australia, you really have to wonder whwhy so much critical data is omitted? Leaders in the Urban design field have understood for years that Melbourne has been successful in managing immigration and population levels … Continue reading

Being ‘Mature Age’

I can say with much certainty that I don’t get along well with my tutors. I think that comes with being a mature aged student. But even in the classes that are filled with older students (eg. my writing course) I feel even older and more difficult. I’m a challenger. I wont accept anything on … Continue reading

DoubleYou Bee

Its not often that I intentionally point out the activities of the firm that I work for. Ok, maybe never. Its a global design & consulting firm, with 14 studios across 5 continents and 800-odd staff. Its pretty mammoth (but global isn’t always glamorous). Im very lucky… being a design student and all… to be a … Continue reading

Why books are cool, dude.

Karl Lagerfeld. Ok it’s no secret that the man has been instrumental in shaping the fashion industry. He is a living breathing icon in his permanent Capt’n Jack Sparrow slash Urban Cowboy attire and sunglasses fetish to rival Bono. But that’s not what piqued my attention today.  The man has a library (woopeedoo! you say). But … Continue reading

What Ive been working #2

Wow. Uni and work and modelling and trying to get my business off the ground all take their toll on my time. So what have I been working on? Well, my writing for one. In all shapes and forms. My modelling work is taking off like never before (whoever said freelance wasnt lucrative, doesnt know … Continue reading

What Ive been working on #1

How are the short and medium term needs of refugees being addressed by contemporary designers? Explain with reference to 3 examples serving the needs of displaced people during political upheaval or natural disasters (word limit enforced). The number of people displaced by natural disaster and political upheaval is on the rise. In 2008, the figure … Continue reading

The value of time off

Stefan Saigmeister. Apart from the fact that the man is pure design genius, he also has some valuable insight into the importance of time off. And I don’t mean stopping doing what you love, but changing the driving force behind WHY you do what you love. Freelancers particularly, but also anybody who works in the … Continue reading

Just a quick one

So insanely busy today, design presentation tomorrow as well as an Economics assessment – so I’ll leave you with this;  LOVE: 2010 IDA Colour In Residential Interior Design finalist – Prahran House by SJB Design. … a house that reflects real joy and life in the home… with torrents of colour! Pink doors are the bomb. … Continue reading

UWA Architecture Library (and other such chaos)

My home city Perth copped a very similar storm to Melbourne of 3 weeks ago. SO sad…. UWA Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Perth WA…. some of that material is irreplaceable. Sure, it may be insured… but follows is months of cataloguing and inventory and insurance claims and clean up and resealing… thats months without all … Continue reading

Dream Homes – Scrapbook Addition

Jimmy and I went to Tasmania over the New Years break and spent several days traversing the countryside and exploring. This was our second visit to Tassie, our first having been a surprise Valentine’s Day gift to me in February. Bless him. I fell in love with Tasmania, I truly did. So much of it … Continue reading

Creative Freedom

Im sitting here on a Thursday evening surfing the internet, ahem, ‘researching’ and eating fairy bread. For the uninitiated I’m talking about sliced bread, spread with butter and drowning in rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands. And when I am done I will lick the left over sprinkles from the plate… oh yes indeed I will. … Continue reading

What is Dark Space?

Swinburne University HDC005 Contemporary Design Theory – 800 word exploration By Kaye Waterhouse 2009 WHAT IS DARK SPACE??? Dark Space dwells within an environment of Light Space – they are the antithesis of each other, yet exist with a co-dependence. It is an interstitial dual-reality, vacuous in its emptiness, and yet brimming with the subjects … Continue reading

Interested in Architecture & the Built Environment?

The Melbourne University School of Design is hosting a free seminar series by some of the worlds leading designers/architects/planners. Free I tells ya! Head along to the website to register, and maybe I’ll see you there? 🙂 University of Melbourne Deans Lecture Series Click on the speakers name to register for the event. “Design is … Continue reading

10thousandgirl Campaign – Women that inspire

As a woman of a million pursuits, I also write for Inspiration Unplugged. Check out the new post on Inspiration Unplugged here, where I look at the new breed of the inspired and socially responsible! xx K

Denial is not a river in Egypt

I’ve had some interesting comments following the new life of Inspiration Unplugged. Mostly from people who had no idea I was a writer (or blogger, take your pick). I’ve had positive feedback, and that’s kind of nice for someone who never really told anyone about her ‘hobby’. But then I wonder why I’ve never told … Continue reading

Beautiful Things – Edition .2

Ah such wonderful little discoveries today! Maria Cristine Bellucci is a jewellery maker who uses coloured wooden pencils, reformed into beautiful organic shapes, to create one of a kind iterations of a playful, child-like quality. I want to scribble on the walls in rainbows! They’re just adorable, and yet with all my searching it appears … Continue reading

The Wheeler Centre – Melbourne Events

Holy smoke. Check out this amaaaazing calendar of events in Melbourne. The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne Ive already put myself down for quite a few!! Everything from talks on inner urban graffiti, to urban sprawl, to architecture, to literary reviews, to guest speakers from design, media, & literature, and debate panels. There are so many I … Continue reading

Free Lancin’

I was introduced to Freelancer Unplugged by two freelancin’ friends of mine, Diesel Laws, a graphic & web designer, and the writer Flic Manning. Freelancer Unplugged is a new collaborative online community where Freelancers from various professions (currently mostly creative, hopefully soon to expand to include business-orientated freelancers) can network. “We host Freelancer Profiles and … Continue reading

Beautiful Things – Edition 1.

The Jewellery Tree, by Louise Christ for Menu. Fluid, sensuous, feminine, and bold. If I had a jewellery tree like this I would certainly purchase more jewellery! Available from Top 3

Well said, Lawrence.

  “Design in art, is a recognition of the relation between various things, various elements in the creative flux. You can’t invent a design. You recognize it, in the fourth dimension. That is, with your blood and your bones, as well as with your eyes.“ D. H. Lawrence

Hello world!

Oh GREAT. Another design blog. Because we really need one? Um, probably not. But trust me, everyone has a different perspective on the design world. Well whats mine?  Dunno. Maybe you just have to wait and see, and we shall discover together. Well, Im many things among others; student, designer, freelance model, creative, business professional, … Continue reading